Annual Maintenance

What's the Annual Maintenance Service

JRC Marinfonet has a policy that operations of contracted vessels should be maintained to a maximum extent. To achieve this, JRC Marinfonet takes all measures against equipment failures, and responds to the failures with our best efforts.

Annual Maintenance Service leads to resolution of existing problems on maintenance and repairs of radio equipment and navigation equipment shown below.

  • Difficulty in maintaining of equipment in a well-planned manner
  • Nonexistence of personnel familiar with radio / navigation equipment
  • Difficulty in controlling of year-round maintenance expenditure
  • Time, effort and money to handle unexpected equipment failures
  • Urgent response is often required and this increases burden on persons concerned.
  • Incomplete repairs and pending issues caused by little understanding on the situation of failures
  • Difficulty in responding to new international rules, requirements of classification societies and technical information from the manufacturer

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