Service Contens

Periodical Check and Overhaul of Equipment

Overall checkup of JRC's products is carried out once a year. If any problems on JRC's products are detected through the checkup, necessary spare parts and technicians for follow-up servicing are arranged by JRC Marinfonet. 

Support for S/R and S/E Surveys

Checkup of GMDSS, EPIRB, AIS, VDR/SVDR and SSAS made by JRC is carried out prior to the annual surveys. Technicians and needful spares for the preliminary checkup of the above equipment are arranged. 

Cause Analysis and Troubleshooting

Any reported problem on JRC's products is analyzed by JRC Marinfonet. Based on the analysis, first-aid procedure is provided. Then parts and technicians are arranged to rectify the problem. 

Parts Supply and Technicians Arrangement

Spare parts to be replaced and technicians to attend are arranged timely, by utilizing the worldwide service network of Japan Radio Company. 

Up-to-date Information and Data Provision

Current status of equipment such as due date of surveys, expiration date of batteries etc. is provided up-front. Other related information is also provided as need arises. 

Retention of Entire Service Histories

All past service histories such as job orders, parts used, shipping details, service reports, billing data etc. are stored in JRC Marinfonet's database. Customers can call for a report anytime.